Moloko Plus – thanks for those flowers

A fine review about „All Alone“ from German’s Moloko Plus Magazine – we got a 9 out of 10. And the single even hit the Top3!

„Unfassbar furioser 77er-Punkrock aus der Schweiz. Ein Spritzer PopPunk wurde zusätzlich hineingekippt und fertig war ein 2-Hit-Kraftpaket, das vor lauter kreativer musikalischer Muskelmasse kaum laufen kann. Die Eidgenossen hatten echt immer saugute Kombos am Start, angefangen bei Crazy, TNT und Jack & The Rippers.


One from the road

Last night @ Sedel was a blast!!!!!

Thanks to Gössi and the whole Sedel Crew. And thanks to the U.K. Subs for beeing such great lads off stage and sounding like a mighty thunderstorm on stage!



We’re celebrating the release of our two latest singles „Dilemma“ and „All Alone„. They’re both out since couple of weeks and you can get them here.

Get off your lazy butts and join us at these wonderful clubs:

04.02.2016 CH – Bern / Rössli Bar (w/ Moustache Boys)
-> tickets: here <-
05.02.2016 CH – Langnau i.E. / Wöschmaschine (w/ Uristier)
06.02.2016 CH – Luzern / Sedel (w/ U.K. Subs)

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„DILEMMA“ out on Wanda Rec.

The third Nasty Rumours single Dilemma is out on Wanda Records!!!

The 7″ features two new songs Dilemma b/w I Need You. There are two different versions – a black one and a limited version in green. You can order it (vinyl or mp3) directly via our Bandcamp Site – get it right now!

-> listen to „Dilemma“
-> listen to „I Need You“

If you live in Germany, you might want to get it directly via Wanda Records – to save some shipping costs.


 …as a side note: under Pictures you’ll find some nice live shots from our Show in Prague on 17th December!