A fine review of „Girls In Love“

Nasty Rumors – Girls in Love b/w Barbed Wire Heart 7” (Wanda Rec.)

„I don’t know why so many “punk bands” feel they need to play so ridiculously fast these days! The faster you play a song doesn’t make it any more “punk”. Take for example Bern, Switzerland’s Nasty Rumours; they play it cool, calm and collected. Snarling and sneering with a snappy tempo, just like THE VIBRATORS did back in the late 1970’s. This record is the band’s 2nd EP they released in the latter part of 2014, following the equally excellent „Rats In A Wheel“ 7” which also came out last year. Nasty Rumours possesses pretty much all of the qualities I was drawn to punk music to begin with: short, super catchy songs that are in your face with an unbelievably snobby attitude and when the songs are over the band walks away flicking a cigarette at your face with an arrogant strut.“
– J. Castro from Audio Ammunition, Online Music Blog